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The Digital Revolution

After the 2 first industrial revolution in XVIII century and in XX century, the XXI century is the one of digital revolution.

Digital is everywhere.

Digital makes available to each new ways of interactions and communications. It is a new space for the ideas, concepts, work and leisure.

All activity in the real world has its equivalent in the digital world.

It is necessary to not underestimate this new expression channel. Indeed being present on the digital scene is not anymore a choice, it’s a necessity.

The company Denvizion helps you in the creation of websites. Your idea will become a digital reality.

Who am I ?


I am currently IT project manager.

I decided to create a startup int the web technology’s that I called Denvizion which is the  contraction of Digital Envizion, where Envizion meaning consider/imagine.

Denvizion imagine solutions to bring your ideas to life “digitally”.

In order that your ideas become digital realities, I work with a team of International Freelancers, all of them are experts in their field.

« Every business is a monarchy with, not a man, but an idea as king. » Henri Ford

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Who am I ?

  • I discovered Computer Science at the age of 15 through the purchase of a computer CPC64 computer and this hobby has turned into a passion. What brought me to follow studies of computer science in high school and then at the University where I learned the algorithmic and the basic concepts of computer science.
  • I am currently working as a IT project manager with as specialities: e-commerce, web, mobile and social networks.
  • I am also author of several wordpress blogs: :
    • on computer’s courses (http://cmagique.com)
    • on security and the connected objects (https://ediyss.com)
  • I also write articles in blogs on new technologies, including http://pix-geeks.com.
  • I practice the running of 10km to the marathon and I’m a moviegoer and series lover.


Denvizion SAS :

The legal form of Denvizion is the SASU (company by shares simplified single-member). The company was created in March 2016.

My method:

  • the Freelancers I work with are experts in the following areas:
    • Design
    • HTML/CSS
    • WordPress
    • SEO
    • Digital Marketing
    • Social networks
  • I do technology watch/technology intelligence to find the best tool, the best provider to bring your ideas to life “digitally”.

The Website creation offer

The solutions of Websites creation of Denvizion :

A solution depending on the complexity of your website in 3 packs of services :

  • pack-bronze_32x32 the bronze pack for a personal project type blog.
  • pack-silver_32x32 the silver pack for a professional project like a showcase site.
  • pack-gold_32x32 the pack gold for a complex project like e-commerce , including a mobile app etc…

I do not have more than one project per month per pack (Bronze, Silver, Gold) to be as efficient as possible.







Ipad 3d

Learn more about the Denvizion offer?

pack-bronze_32x32 The Bronze Pack website creation offer:

  • Bronze package allows an individual, a freelancer or an artist to have a web storefront.
  • It includes
    • the Design of the logo.
    • the design of the site.
    • up to 2 custom pages.

pack-silver_32x32 The Silver Pack website creation offer:

The silver Pack provided to a professional a complete pack giving the opportunity to be seen “digitally”.
  • It includes
    • the Design of the logo.
    • the Design of business card.
    • the design of the site.
    • up to 5 custom pages.
    • the implementation of professional pages on social networks.
    • the SEO Coaching.
    • the coaching in Digital Marketing.

pack-gold_32x32 The Gold Pack website creation offer:

The Gold package provided to a company wishing to launch a new project or service, a turnkey solution.










The price is fixed and known in advance, so there is no surprise.

the price of the different packages:

The Bronze package is € 1 250 Tax Included.

The Silver package is € 2 500 Tax Included.

The Gold package is € 5 000 Tax Included.

“The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see the best he can give for a dollar, rather than the little he can give for a dollar is dedicated for success.” Henry Ford

Ipad 3d

Learn more about the price.

Learn more about the price:

  • Each Package contains approximetely a dozen services.
  • The price of software licenses is included.
  • All designs (logos and pages) are created on demand and rely on analysis of trends of the market and competition in the sector concerned.
Utilisation simplifiée

Simplicity of use with visual composer.


Prices are small.


Every websites are responsives, wich means they are visibles as well on a computer, a phone or a tablet.


With a maximum of 3 projects each month, the work is easier and faster.


Your email adress is safe with us – no sharing !

Me contacter

All activity in the real world has its equivalent in the digital world.




Celui qui veut connaître un succès éblouissant, doit faire le premier pas. Il ne doit pas attendre et ne pas avoir peur d’investir du temps et de l’énergie pour entreprendre un projet. Ralph Waldo Emerson

dEnvizion = digital Envizion

We don’t predict the future we envizion it better via Digital Tools.